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Offseason Opportunities

Instructional Training Videos

PB Fastpitch / GYS Pitching Instructional Video

8U PB Fastpitch Coach Jess Krowiorz created a video that goes through the basic instruction she was giving the girls when they were doing practices. It starts right from the beginning again - like how to hold the ball, but you can forward through it if you are past those things. There is a black screen that appears between each section, so it should be easy to identify when a new drill/topic is covered. She has added a link to a Q&A doc in the folder that SHOULD be able to be edited by anyone with the link or access to the folder. If you have a question or want to see something specific, she should be able to see that and respond.

Griffins Pitching Instructional Video by Dave Gassner

Lawrence University Baseball Camp

Camps offer specialized training on hitting, pitching, defensive play, and techniques of baseball. Your development as a player and understanding of the game will improve through our guidance, preparation, drills and game participation.

Visit the link for more information and registration details: