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Hello Everyone –

This is in regards to the next baseball season beyond 12U and Majors in GYS and the Hortonville Baseball Booster Club. Please take time to read all details below:

What happens next season when my son turns 13 for boys baseball?

All boys baseball teams ages 13 and up will play baseball through the Hortonville Baseball Booster Club. No player will be affiliated with GYS or HYS any longer. The Booster Club is our own entity and we work in partnership with those organizations for field time, volunteer work, and fundraising.

Function and Purpose:

Polar Bear Baseball Club holds multiple responsibilities to the families and players in the Hortonville School District

  1. Provide a competitive, centralized and instructional baseball environment for all players of the Hortonville School District for players ages 13 and above through high school
  2. Be a fundraising organization in which profits from events are returned and put back into the baseball parks and the existing players
  3. Become a post high school player, student, and parent connection to the Hortonville Baseball Program for many years


Player Evaluations will be held in Hortonville on Sunday August 13th.

13U - Registration from 11:30-Noon, Workouts from Noon - 2:00pm

14U - Registration from 2:00-2:30pm, Workouts from 2:30-4:30pm

Registration here

At this time, players will be separated into separate  stations and rotated to show off various skills tests put forth by the judges. The judges will be non-parent affiliated judges with strong high school coaching and program ties. Last year as an example the judges were the high school coaching staffs from Freshman, JV, and Varsity levels. These judges will depend on their availability for that day. The goal is to have judges with no affiliation to any of the players and have not seen these players play before in almost any level.  At that time, a parent will need to sign the player in at the registration table. All players playing next year are required to attend. If you cannot attend, please respond as we do not plan for a makeup tryout unless there are a number of players unavailable at that time.

Team Breakouts:

After evaluations are complete, teams will be formed. Teams are put together based on evaluation scores and input from the current 12U head coaches right now. Those coaches' input is valuable when discussing close scores and situations involving catchers and pitchers to make sure teams are set up for success at all levels. There are three layers of teams at this level.

13AAA – The 13AAA is the top team based on scores and input. This team will face tough competition and be tournament based only. This team will be placed into good local tournaments vs. other FVA conference opponents and you can also expect to travel for three or so tournaments to other areas such as Milwaukee, Madison, Dells, Iowa, Minnesota, or Illinois. This team will look to face off also vs club teams for solid competition. Where this team travels will depend on the head coach's discretion. Expect 6-7 tournaments. 2 uniforms per player (additional cost, family responsibility)

13AA – This team will be the second team based on scores and input and will participate in the AA division of FVYBL (Fox Cities Babe Ruth Baseball League) and three tournaments. This team will face all the area top teams in a league such as Appleton North, Appleton West, Kimberly, Kaukauna, Menasha. These games are played during the week and at fields across the valley. The league is a 14 game league schedule. Max of 5 tournaments. Where they travel for tournaments is the discretion of the head coach. 1 uniform per player (additional cost, family responsibility)

13/14A – This team will be combined with players from the 14 year old group and play in the A division of FVYBL (Fox Cities Babe Ruth League). This team will play in the 14 game league schedule. All games are during the week and located in the valley. 1 uniform per player (additional cost, family responsibility)


Team decisions will be communicated a few weeks after evaluations. At that time, parents for the AAA and AA team will be sent emails confirming and accepting their roster spot. If you accept a spot, we expect you to keep the spot till next season with full commitment. The Booster Club also wants you to understand that you don’t have to accept a roster spot on the team designated if you don’t want to. For example, if your son is selected for the AAA team but you don’t want to commit to that many weekends, he can accept a spot on the 13AA team and play more games during the week instead of weekends. Same with AA and wanting to play A ball. The schedule needs to fit your family's lifestyle. We had multiple families at the 14U level this year since the competition level at that age was pretty similar in tournaments compared to the FVYBL league. If you have questions on that, please reach out.


Pricing for players in 2024 is outlined below. There may be a slight increase due to increasing umpiring fees but we wanted to give you an idea of what to expect. 

  • $375.00 = AAA Players
  • $300.00 = AA Players
  • $175.00 = A Players

*pricing does not include any hotels or travel expenses

*Pricing does not include uniforms required. That information will go out at a different time. Uniforms will be good for multiple years.

*Full Registration and Payment will be communicated at a later date 

Other Functions of the Booster Club:

As a parent of an incoming player, you will start receiving notifications for our fundraisers and community events that help involve our players in the community. We are very excited about the next level of the Booster Club and exciting items we have planned for facility upgrades and equipment for the players that will help overall development and growth. Any involvement you can bring to our club will always be appreciated and respected.

Go Bears!

Hortonville Baseball Booster Club