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General Umpire Information

GYS provides an opportunity for boys and girls 12 years and older to apply to be an umpire for both baseball and softball. We are looking for experienced baseball and fast pitch players who have a strong knowledge of the game and have been a part of the GYS program. Assignments are based on age, experience, attitude, and responsibility. 

All umpires will be required to attend a training session in April before the season begins, and be available during the season May to early July. Assignment scheduling will be completed on-line.

Registration closes April 2. 

If you have any questions, please e-mail

Key Details for the 2023 GYS Umpire Program

  • GYS Umpires must be at least 12 years old 
  • Played with GYS/HYS/PBFP or in local baseball or fast pitch softball leagues and have advanced knowledge of softball/baseball
  • Must attend scheduled training session prior to the start of the 2023 season (go to Umpires > Clinics for more information)
  • Compensation is $20/$15 (plate ump/field ump) per game called
  • Flexible availability
  • Must be reliable

GYS Umpires

  1. It is your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to be at a scheduled game for any reason.
  2. Two strikes, you’re out. If you have two no shows, you will not be allowed to sign-up for any additional games.
  3. If you are going to be late for the scheduled start time of the game, switch with someone that can be there on time. People are counting on you to be there to start their game on time.
  4. If games are cancelled for weather or any other reason, it will be posted on the GYS Facebook page along with an email sent to all Members with a SportsEngine Account.


The league is seeking 2-3 volunteers to offer continuous in-season mentoring for youth umpires. If you are an experienced 16+ year old umpire and you would be willing to occasionally observe novice umpires at games to help them improve, please contact Doug Schacht, Umpire Coordinator, at