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    Volunteer Hours

    2 credits (hours) of volunteer time are required for each participating player (tee ball and up), unless you have bought out of your volunteer requirements upon registration.

    Sign up for 2021 volunteer hours via DIBS at the below link:

    Calendar Raffle

    2021 Raffle Calendars

    How do calendars work??  Each day, from May 1 to July 17, cash prizes in the amounts listed on that day are drawn from all turned in entry forms (the top piece of the calendar).  Checks will be mailed weekly to all winners. 

    Please follow our facebook page for postings of the daily winners!

    When do calendars need to be turned in?

    Drawings begin 5/1/2021.

    To have the calendars your child sold entered in all the drawings, you'll want them to be turned in by noon on 5/1 (Opening Day).

    There will be drop-off locations leading up to this day.

    SAVE THE DATE: T-ball Opening Day June 6, 2021

    T-ball and PeeWee pictures this day

    T-ball and PeeWee Picture Times - Sunday, June 6

    SAVE THE DATES: League Tournament July 16-18, 2021

    (For all leagues except T-ball and Pee-wee)

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