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The Registration "Minor League Baseball" is not currently available.

Minor League

The Minor League consists of children finishing 3rd and 4th grade who attend the Greenville School District. Children out of the Greenville district will be allowed to register and play at an additional fee. 

Children finishing 3rd grade will participate in tryouts and then will be drafted by the coaches of the Minor league. If you are new to the league (did not play for GYS the previous year) and are finishing 4th grade you are required to enter the draft along with all the 3rd grade children. Every child will get drafted. The only exception is if the child does not participate in the draft. If they do not participate in the draft they will be randomly placed on a team until an even amount of players are on each team.

The 3rd grade children drafted or placed on a team will remain on that team and will not be required to try out the following year. Team practices will begin the week after tryouts and are at times set by the coaches whenever diamond times are available. Due to the high demand of diamond space coaches may have practices on any green spaces available to them. 

Opening Day for the season is on a Saturday, May 6. Games will be played at the Greenville Community Park located on the corner on Hwy 76 and Hwy 15. 

Games will be typically umpired by GYS Major League players. These are children learning to umpire games and can make mistakes. All coaches and spectators are expected to respect the calls of the umpires. They are an asset to the GYS organization.