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The FVYBL is set up in 6 different divisions. Depending on numbers, we typically have: 

(2) 13U AA - highly competitive, 1 GYS sponsor, 1 HYS sponsor. Plays on intermediate 54'/80' sized fields (80ft bases) 

(2) 14U AA - highly competitive, 1 GYS sponsor, 1 HYS sponsor. Plays on full 60'/90' baseball fields (90ft bases) 

(2-3) 13U/14U A - less competitive, 2 GYS sponsors, 1 HYS sponsor. Plays on intermediate 54'/80' sized fields (80ft bases) 

(1) 15U AA - highly competitive. They play on full 60'/90' baseball fields. 

(1-2) 15U/16U A - less competitive. Sponsors TBD. Plays on full 60'/90' baseball fields. 

(1?) 19U- competitive. An alternative to Legion. Plays on full 60'/90' baseball fields.

  • Sponsored teams will play the majority if not all of their home games at their respective parks. 
  • 13 and 14u players are encouraged to attend the fall league and tournament team tryout to help determine which team they will play on. the AA teams will be divided equally with the balance playing in the A division. 
  • Coaches for league teams will be assigned by GYS/HYS. 
  • 15u AA team will be chosen by the Hortonville High School coaching staff. 
  • 15/16u A team will consist of any 15u players that sign up and any 16u players that do not play JV legion baseball. 

All 13U and 14U players are expected to wear the same black "Polar Bear" cap (available at Fox Cities Embroidery) with white pants with black piping on the side of the leg. These same caps and pants will be worn for league and tournament ball. The jersey will be provided for you by the team. The 15U-19U teams will typically wear white pants and the jerseys will be provided for them. 

Tournament Ball: 

GYS/HYS will support at least one (Polar Bears) team for each 13U and 14U age group. The HHS coaching staff and GYS/HYS will choose coaches as well as offer input on team composition. A separate tryout will be held in August, with all league players being eligible to tryout. There may be an additional fee required to play tournament ball. There will be only one 15U tournament team will be chosen by the High School staff. 

Spring Tryouts:

There will be a Spring tryout to fill the final roster spots for the tournament team(s) and give those league only players that missed the fall tryout, a chance to compete for a spot on an AA team. Those players that attended the fall tryout and were either placed on a tournament team or do not wish to play tournament ball do not need to attend.  All players that sign up for league ball will be placed on a team regardless of if they attend a tryout or not.  The players will be assigned to teams a few days after the spring tryout.  The coaches will notify players of their team assignment.

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